The Return of Samurai Jack Will Be Darker and Way More Epic

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Yes, Jack is indeed back. Last year we learned that Genndy Tartakovsky’s scifi-themed samurai series was making its way to TV once more, but now the first fleeting details about what’s in store for Jack in the new series have emerged—along with some gorgeous, gorgeous art.


The new details come from the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, where Tartakovsky debuted some new concept art for the series, and hinted that the show would be coming to Adult Swim in the near future.

The next season will be 10 episodes long, but paced like a “five-hour movie”, according to reports from the panel. It will take place 50 years after the events of the show, examining the toll the past five decades have upon Jack in a darker way than the show could skew previously (but still with some of the humor Samurai Jack was known for). On top of that, at some point Jack gets some rather elaborate armor, and a swanky motorbike, judging by some of the art shown:

On top of the Annecy panel, Adult Swim has also sneakily updated its website to tease the show’s return, with new art of Aku (which you can see in the header image at the top of this post) and a brief storyboard reel narrated by Tartakovsky. Hopefully we’ll start seeing more of the new Samurai Jack in action real soon.

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Does everything have to get “dark” and gritty? I thought Samurai Jack had an excellent tone. I trust Tartakovsky, but that statement does not fill me with hope.