The Return Of Fat, Farting Mad Scientist Eddie Murphy

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Who needs an Oscar when you can prance around in old lady boobs making fatty fart jokes? Not Eddie Murphy. Nuts to that whole Dream Girls phenomenon where he used his genuine talent to tell a story - there weren't enough fat suits. Lucky for fat suit lover Murphy, rumor has it that Nutty Professor 3 is in the works.From the brain trust that brought us the family of farting Klumps comes yet another movie where Murphy can cross dress, screech, and do a little mad science. What's the best part of this disastrous news? The studio actually wants part three to be all about the family and further from the original. You know this idea is truly the darkest of two evils. According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Although it has been eight years since the last "Nutty" came out, executives are interested in a new version that would follow "The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps."


As of right now Eddie Murphy is not attached to the project. But if Norbit taught us anything it's pretty difficult to keep this guy out of completely debasing himself for cash. So let's assume it's in the bag. [The Hollywood Reporter]



Seriously, WHY???

Didn´t "Norbit", "Pluto Nash" and "Meet Dave" bomb enough for these producers to avoid Murphy like the devil holy water?

Seriously. Eddie Murphys career is over for at least 15 years. He isn´t funny. He never was. He is just annoying.