The Resident Evil: Final Chapter Trailer Promises That This Is It, Really

Image: Screen Gems
Image: Screen Gems
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In case the title wasn’t clear. In case writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson’s statements that this would be the last weren’t clear. In case the actors saying it was the last one weren’t clear. In case all of those things were missed, the international trailer has got you covered.


“We’ve played a long game you and I, but now it’s over,” says Dr. Alexander Isaacs, who is probably going to be showing up in flashbacks, given what happened to him. “My name is Alice and this is my story. The end of my story,” says our protagonist. And the international title of the movie? Biohazard: The Final. THIS IS IT, THE LAST ONE, GET IT?

The biggest twist would be if Iain Glen actually played two characters in this movie, Dr. Isaacs and Jorah Mormont. And that one of them treated the other.

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On one hand she’s the female lead in her own long-running action franchise which is quite frankly, amazing. On the other, it’s a B-movie franchise, her days of being in A-list films are long behind her and she would have been a much, much better Black Widow (tall and actually Eastern European) even if it meant always supporting some dude. She ruled in hell rather than serve in heaven.