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Red Hulk

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Who is the Red Hulk? More than a year after his creation, we're still no closer to his identity, but what we do know is that he was created as part of a military program to be "everything the Green Hulk isn't," which includes smart, immoral and apparently invincible. Besides regular Hulk strength and healing powers, he also has the ability to drain radioactivity, project heat and has eye beams. If all of this sounds completely random, it's because it is... as is the fact that, despite having all of these powers, the Red Hulk prefers to shoot people with guns. Don't ask. Just go with it.

We're not sure whether or not the Red Hulk has some large plan behind all of his actions, or whether it's just unsubtle writing, but so far we've seen the character kill two long-standing Hulk foes (The Abomination and the Wendigo, AKA the character that Wolverine fought in his first appearance - A moment of silence, please) and cause an earthquake in San Francisco, before joining up with various time-tossed supervillains in order to prevent the Hulk from finding true love. That's right, he's definitely evil. We just don't know why.


Red She-Hulk

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If little is known about the Red Hulk, even less is known about the Red She-Hulk, other than the fact that she has similar powers to her male counterpart, and may or may not be the original She-Hulk, former X-Men spin-off character Domino or even former Daredevil spin-off character Elektra in a new radioactive form.

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Syafiqjabar of Mars

Hah, one dialogue She-Rulk has with the Rulk seems to indicate that she is actually Betty Ross.