The Reaper Isn't Dead Yet

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One of the genre shows on the cancellation bubble of late has been Satan's bounty-hunter show Reaper. But now it's looking as though the Devil's work really isn't ever done.


It may not be official, but it doesn't sound like anyone in Hollywood is holding their breath for the revival of Reaper, a show about a young bounty hunter (Brett Harrison) that begrudgingly collects souls for the devil.


According to THR,

Sources said show producer ABC Studios is in talks with CW affiliate stations about continuing "Reaper" as a syndicated series for Sunday night....when the network recently decided to give Sunday night back to its affiliates, they started preliminary conversations with ABC Studios about possibly continuing the show with original episodes. Sources said that ABC Studios also is exploring a possible afterlife for the cult series on cable.

This is still considered highly optimistic thinking unfortunately as the shows producers (Michele Fazekas and Tara Butter) have already moved on, after signing a two-year deal with 20th Century Fox TV.

Still, it's a sweet little series with a good heart, and I hope it sticks around for a little while longer.


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Ya know, when Satan is on a show that features the Monster Of The Week, and uh, ya know...


then yeah, something is wrong with story arc. I know, I know, Sam would love to be in control of his situation and escape his destiny in Hell, but we don't see that as much as the cute story.

A new set of show runners wouldn't be much worse than what we've already seen.