The Real Wonder Woman

The greatest Wonder Woman movie of all time has already been made — even if Joel Silver comes to his senses and offers Joss Whedon unlimited money and creative control. I'm referring, of course, to the Hong Kong film Heroic Trio, which featured Wonder Woman (Anita Mui), alongside Invisible Girl (Michelle Yeoh) and Thief Catcher (Maggie Cheung) battling a monster who creates cannibalistic mutant children. Less well known, but even weirder, is the sequel, The Executioners. Where the first film was disturbing, the second is apocalyptic and depressing, culminating with the most psychotic arm-ripping, chest-spearing fight scene in history, which is below.

Some people hate The Executioners for being so bleak and grim, but it's actually pretty amazing in its jarringness, especially if you saw and loved the first movie.


In a nutshell, it takes place six years after the first movie (even though they were filmed at the same time.) There's been some kind of unspecified nuclear holocaust, and society is crapping out the way it always does in post-nuclear dystopias. All of the city's water supply has been poisoned or contaminated, so fresh water is incredibly scarce. The military and the civilian authorities are grappling for power, and there are refugees, and tons of people die in horrible disasters. And there's a lot of moping and grim music.

Meanwhile, the three heroes from the first movie are splintered apart and don't trust each other any more. At the end of the film, they finally come together to fight the Phantom Of The Opera-looking villain — who's the head of the water company and secretly responsible for contaminating the water. The fight scene above comes just after the trio have finally made up and promised to be friends forever, which makes the bloody and horrendous fight scene that follows even more awful. Michelle Yeoh finally pulls an exploding arrow that's been stuck in her chest out, to blow up the water company CEO.


How can any of you not like these wacky Hong Kong movies? The superior cheese factor has been perfected by 5,000 years of over-the-top escapist literature & theatre. Sure the production values rival a typical Tom Baker era Doctor Who episode, but c'mon!

Oh well, I guess this stuff is just one of my special geek happy places, mebbe it's a cultural thing.

"Heroic Trio" is great especially for Maggie Cheung, prrrrr.

Anyone interested should check out her and Joey Wong in "Green Snake".

Kam pai/Cheers!