The Real Maverick Campaigns For Mayor

The Mayor of The City Of Ember is throwing his hat in the election ring, and who wouldn't vote for Bill Murray? His platform is simple, and his wit is razor sharp. Please do enjoy the Bill Murray for Mayor commercial that will be airing tonight during the presidential debates, plus celebratory pictures of Murray himself attending an underground Zion-meets-Ember dance party. The Mayor is for Hope, Change, Progress, Prosperity, Reform and Peace. I'm all on board with that platform — minus the change, because I fear that. In all honesty, I'd love to see Murray the Mayor get his own little debate against other fictional scifi leaders, like the Emperor or John Connor.


The Mayor celebrated his campaign at an subterranean dance party with his underground minions at the AICN Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX. The party took place in Longhorn Caverns. Figures, the one time I skip an underground dance party Murray shows up.

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