The real-life superheroes of Salt Lake City are charming and/or terrifying

We've seen a few real-life superheroes in recent times, including Seattle's Phoenix Jones and Tennessee's The Viper. Now, an eclectic mix of suburban dads and ex-hoodlums known as the Black Monday Society are patrolling Salt Lake City's crime-strewn thoroughfares.


Unlike most spandex-clad homegrown heroes, members of the Black Monday Society dress like Slipknot. Also, the group has antiheroes amongst its ranks, such as the former gang member Fool King and a man known only as "Assylum":

The hero "Assylum," who wears a black head mask with a grotesque painted on smile, says he came from a sorted [sic] past. He says he sought out drug users who owed money. "If you got so much in drugs and didn't pay your money, I was the dude that showed up at 3 in the morning and beat you until you got the money," he says.


My favorite though is Professor Midnight, whose superpower is total anonymity — nobody knows his real name! Despite carrying tasers and pepper spray, The Black Monday Society aren't vigilantes. They mete out justice with well-timed phone calls to the cops, aid bags for homeless folks, and a Medico Della Peste.

[Fox 13 via Bleeding Cool]

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Go Mormon Superheroes!