The Real Life Inspiration Behind Ronald Chevalier, Revealed!

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Love Gentlemen Broncos or hate it, you can not deny that Jemaine Clement's insane take on science-fiction writer Ronald Chevalier is hilarious. But what if we told you this guy actually exists? Meet the real-life inspiration behind the icon.

Ronald Chevalier is a mix of three different, amazing, real life people. First off, our favorite little Chevalier-ism has to his advice when creating a character. "Just add Anus and it becomes magical." Turns out the person behind this theory actually exists and he's making science-fiction films. According to Jared Hess at the NYC premiere for Broncos...

That's borrowed from a buddy of mine that I went to film school with, named Steve Groo. He's made like a hundred movies that are mostly science-fiction related. You can check out his Resident Evil trailer online. Anyway but in his films he has really great fantasy names and one day I said, "Steve how do you come up with such killer names for your characters in your films?" And he said, "Well that's easy, you just take a name like Nebakanezer and I change that to a name for a King Elf, Nebakaroneous. It's very easy." He had other theories like if you're going to name a barbarian use AXX at the end of each name. And I talked to him before to make sure he was cool with using it in the film. But I have to give him a shout out because that's not for me.


The Anus Method:

But not only that, if you've seen the film it's pretty clear that the shadow videos and super small budget trailer-making company is inspired by the film production company Steve Groo's contributes to Wolf Productions. Here's a taste below, it's just, well brilliant and awesome and if anything hopefully shows Jared Hess's roots and how Gentlemen Broncos is more of an homage to his friends and people he's met and less, Bully Porn.

The next bit of real life inspiration for Chevalier, according to Hess, was Michael York in Logan's Run. It's almost creepy how much Clement nailed that accent.


Michael York in Logan's Run And Ronald Chevalier:


And finally the amazing look of Chevalier: Native American garb, never-used blue tooth, turtlenecks and mom jeans — was inspired by an actual screen writer Hess worked with on the production, which I believe may be the production Handcart.


"His look was based on a screenwriter [on a film] that I was a camera assistant for a long time, and I was working on a really weird movie about pioneers that were heading west. And one day the screenwriter visited the set, I was a camera assistant, and he was dressed almost exactly like Chevalier is the first time we see him. With the Bluetooth that he never used, big hair, great jeans, a turtleneck."

So there you have it, the three real life inspirations to create perhaps one of the best characters of this year. Now if we could just get them all together and throw a party, I would die a happy fan.


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