As everyone who read last week's Final Crisis #7 saw, Batman's recent "death" wasn't as simple as it seemed. But in case you were still in the dark, writer Grant Morrison spills the beans. Spoilers...


Talking to, Morrison confirmed that we'd been right on the money about Bruce Wayne's death scene earlier in January - He had, actually, been sent back in time after all (to pre-historic caveman days, to be specific). But why such a quick reveal of Bruce Wayne's current whenabouts?

[DC editorial asked me to include a particular closing scene] with Batman. I'd made it a little more ambiguous but DC editorial didn't want readers to think Batman might actually be dead for more than a fortnight, so I revised the last page to be somewhat ‘on the nose', as they say in Hollywood.


And if you're wondering if and when Bruce Wayne's future will be addressed, Morrison has a tease ready:

Newsarama: Oh, and and finally, we'd be remiss - Batmanthro? What does the Omega Sanction mean for him? Can he fall back into our world? Is he on our world? Does someone have to go find him? Does he have to live a succession of lives like Shilo? So...many...questions....

GM: I'm returning to Batman in June...

Please please please, let "Batman gets zapped back in time and maybe to a parallel Earth where he has to live with cavemen" be the plot of the Dark Knight sequel.


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