The real clone wars begin in This Week’s DVDs!

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BBC America’s fantastic new scifi series Orphan Black leads off this week’s DVD and Blu-ray releases (and I’ll explain why it should be your must-buy in a sec). But there’s also gun-toting puritans, tons of cartoons, flying monkeys, and a very special sexual-assault tree, too.


Orphan Black


So there have been more than a few io9 staffers singing the praises of BBC America’s Orphan Black, and I just wanted to tell you they’re exactly right. I fired up the first Season DVD on Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday night my wife and I have marathoned the whole season. It’s great, superbly acted (Tatiana Maslany is a delight in nearly a dozen different roles), it’s smart, funny, incredibly tense, and massively entertaining. I know people have all sorts of tastes, but if you’re in the mood for a good scifi TV show, I can highly recommend you spend $25 or so and give Orphan Black a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Evil Dead

More blood, way more torture porn, 100% less Bruce Campbell, exact same amount of rape-tree. Your mileage may vary.

Young Justice: Invasion Season 2 Part 2


Relive the epic conclusion to the awesome DC superheroes cartoon just in time to get enraged it was needlessly canceled all over again

Regular Show Seasons 1-2


The award-winning Cartoon Network series has its first 40 episodes collected in a super-snazzy hardcover book-style packaging. Have you bought these already? Well, you’re buying them again. Sorry about that.

Liberty’s Kids: The Complete Series


This is a 40-episode cartoon about two kids in the Revolutionary War that somehow stars Tom Brokaw and is Amazon’s #1 selling release for the week. I have never even heard of it. Weird.

Alphas: Season 2


River Tam and Samwise Gamgee help Dr. Rosen reassemble the team, but there’s a mole in their midst.

Solomon Kane


Holy crap, I thought forgot this existed. Rome’s James Purefoy stars as the joyless Solomon Kane, a formerly godless man who declares himself a pacifist, and then has to shoot about a zillion demons. Irony! Anyways, I’ve heard this isn’t a masterpiece, but it’s still a hell of a lot better than the Resident Evils, Underworlds, Priest, Constantine, etc.

Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited 1-4


Those specials BBC aired for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary? The “best” story of each Doctor presented with an individual retrospective? Here are the first four. Something tells me there may be a complete set issued at some point in the future. Maybe… just maybe…

Misfits: Season 3


Old misfits go and new misfits arrive, and those that remain deal with a super-powerbroker, zombies, time travel, and more bad guys.

Lovely Complex Complete Series


Risa doesn’t like short boys. Atsushi doesn’t like tall girls. Can these two crazy kids work it out over the course of a romantic comedy shoujo anime? I bet they can!

Black Sabbath: Remastered


Not the band, but the Italian horror movie starring Boris Karloff, presented in the first time in HD (no extras, though).

Eve of Destruction


Steven drills a hole into dark energy and everything goes to hell in this shockingly-made-in-2013 TV movie.

A Little Bit Zombie


A man about to get married catches the zombie plague and tries to keep from eating her brains before they walk down the aisle.



From Amazon: “Alex Brown had no idea that he would inherit the awesome challenge of saving his ex secret agent parents and protecting the planet from evil powers bent on controlling the world's plutonium supply. With the assistance of the 360-year-old sorcerer Jenco, Alex uses his new found magical shapeshifting power to rescue his parents, become master and protector of both the mystical glass harmonica and the life stone.” Man, they just tossed everything in there, didn’t they?

Kickin’ It Shaolin Style


A 12-movie pack (on three DVDs) for less than $8 where they don’t even bother to list the movies in the product description. Do you feel lucky?

Flying Monkeys


Have a Sharknado-sized hole in your heart? Try to fill it with this equally goofy Syfy original movie, in which a girl’s pet monkey goes Gremlin.

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Hey Rob, The Nerdist Show had Tatiana on after the first episode to talk about how she acted and she said it was weird at times cause she was acting at a tennis ball floating in the air or on the wall. Then some of her co-workers noted how insane it was to see her act three different people in three different takes and nail each one of them with different personalities. Who wants to bet it turns out she's really nuts and that's why she can do it so well, LOL? I hope she wins the Emmy. She really deserves it.