The real, (bootleg) ending to Lost?

New, grainy footage of the Lost finale has hit the web. What exactly is the Island? This video wraps up all the loose ends in one internet-friendly swoop. It's like St. Elsewhere, but 100% more mundane and 1000% more macho.

[via Super Punch]

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x Dave Lister x

Look, I was disappointed by the alt-verse side of the Lost ending too, but all you people acting like the finale made no sense are disingenuous at best and below-average intelligence at worst.

As a matter of fact, I've realized lately that the only thing more irritating than the alt-verse's ending is people who couldn't grasp the relatively straightforward answers the show did provide.

If you didn't like the religious/fantasy tone that ended up dominating the story I can understand, but Lost was never going to have a hard-sci-fi payoff. This was clear as soon as it was understood there was a SMOKE MONSTER.