Want to know the easy way to harvest cherries? It's simple – just shake the tree.

Alright, so technically there's a little more to it than that. The hydraulic shaker in this video has actually been calibrated to jostle these cherry trees at a specific vibrational frequency. Jiggle in just the right way, and you'll elicit a shiver of leaves, a brief and sudden downpour of fruit, and the satisfying patter of your ruby-red winnings plopping softly on the tarp below.


Tree shakers like this one are vigorous enough to strip a tree of its cherries without harming it, leaving it healthy for many seasons to come. What's more, they're terribly efficient. Here's some info on the "Shock Wave Shaker," a tree-shaker made by Orchard Machinery Corporation:

The evolution of the Shock Wave Shaker is the result of a program of constant research, development and improvement. The shakers produced in the early 60's were state of the art at that time. They were able to harvest about one tree per minute. Today's modern shaker is capable of safely and efficiently harvesting up to seven trees per minute. The modern Shock Wave Shaker has an enclosed cab with air conditioning and a modern stereo system. OMC has developed the F.A.S.T. system or Fully Automated Shaker Technology to improve the safety and efficiency of it's Shock Wave Shaker line. OMC has also developed the Aftershock Line of Harvesting Equipment which includes a field harvesting trailer, a field crop transfer shuttle and a line of field conveyor systems to aid in the efficiency of harvesting. OMC has recently acquired the WESCO trailer manufacturing company to add the WESCO trailer line by OMC to it's crop harvesting and logistics line.


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