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Seriously, this is one of those questions that requires a lot of worldbuilding and thought to answer — the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can't exactly show their faces in public, plus they're ninjas. So how on Earth do they obtain the pizza on which they mostly subsist?


Over at Stack Exchange, someone has asked this crucial logistical question. After all, as Suman Roy observes, "getting a pizza is one of those instances where you will end up coming face to face with another person. For normal ninjas this would be no big deal, but since they're mutant turtles, this complicates things." The answers boil down to:

  • They give the delivery guy a fake address (122 and 1/8 something) and since it takes him more than 30 minutes to deliver the pizza, it's free.
  • They get the pizza delivered to April's apartment, then accept the pizza at her door, wearing disguises. Or when the pizza guy gives up and just leaves the pizza lying around, they take it.
  • They steal pizza from human children.
  • They make April go get it for them.
  • They actually bake their own pizza, in an oven in the sewers.
  • They befriend a pizza-shop worker, who sneaks it out the back door to them.
  • Or in the video game, the pizza just appears in mid air.

And now I'm really, really hungry. Details and clips at the link. [Stack Exchange]


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