The Putty Patrollers May Have the Best Redesign in the Power Rangers Movie

It’s almost like he’s celebrating at being the best Power Rangers movie design.

The upcoming movie reboot of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is filled with a mix of updated designs ranging from the good but weird to the straight-up WTF. But never would I have expected that the best movie update of them all would be for the monstrous mooks that were the Putty Patrol.

Yes, it’s another day, and that means another look at an element from the new Power Rangers movie through its toyline rather than actual images or footage from the film—which seems absurd, given that this picture is what, three months away at this point? But here we are, thanks to a Toys “R” Us listing for a “Smashing Putty Action Figure,” with our first decent look at Rita’s army of clay-based henchmen.


Although they don’t actually appear to be made out of clay this time, even with the grey coloring (I’m guessing that’s partly because this is a cheap action figure, and there’ll at least be some more color to these guys in the film)—but instead built up out of the environment itself by Rita. There are bits of rebar and construction work poking out of its body, almost like it’s wet cement or soil from a building site turned into a humanoid form. Makes sense, as it looks like the Ranger power coins are buried in a quarry in the film.

But it’s an actually a change that looks interesting and actually rooted in sense (or as much sense as you can get to when it comes to villainous armies of clay henchmen)... which you can’t say for many of the other updated looks in this movie. They even have the same sulky mouth that the originals had! It’s an honest-to-god great update of the original design, and weirdly it might end up being one of the most faithful in the entire movie.

Power Rangers is due out March 24, 2017.



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