The pulp scifi book that inspired Prince's Purple Rain

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OK just kidding — this isn't a real book. But we wish it were! Graphic designer Christophe Gowans is doing a series called "The Record Books," where he imagines what would have happened in an alternate universe where popular albums were actually pulp fiction books. And he's created some gorgeous covers, plus short synopses to go along with them. This is our favorite, for obvious reasons.


Here's the "synopsis" of Purple Rain:

When a form of acid rain, caused by a comet ploughing into Uranus, appears to stunt the growth of every living thing on Earth, mankind's very existence is on a knife edge. When a group of pygmies realise that the peach is the only plant unaffected, they found a new society, with the peach stone as its currency.


But what about the raspberry berets and little red Corvettes? Where do they fit into all this?

Check out more of The Record Books on Gowans' site!

Thanks for the tip, Evan Meszaros!

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That synopsis hurt my brain. So many "but, but...."s in there...