The Psycho Shower Scene, Recreated Entirely In Jack O'Lanterns

Now this is a Psycho remake we never saw coming. Yuliya Tsukerman carved a bunch of pumpkins into shots from Alfred Hitchcock's horror classic, and then turned them into a stop-motion movie.


If you're curious about how Tsukerman put this video together, she has stills of the individual pumpkins up at her website.

[via The Daily What]

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Once, many years ago, Mrs. 8x10 & I started watching what seemed like a fairly nice movie. Missed the first part, and this was before on screen channel listings. So we did not know what movie it was. Then came the shower scene......Mrs. 8x10 just about came unglued! Gave her nightmares for weeks.

I once saw Hitchcock talking to Johnny Carson about this scene. He said that the special effects guys made him a wonderful torso that would bleed where ever it was stabbed. But he refused to use it. Just not his style to show the actual blows.