The Problem with the Fake Geek Girl Isn't That She's Fake, It's That She'll Kill You

Patrick Willems of Lumberjack Films has a bit of fun with the "fake geek girl" controversy/nonsense by positing it as a clever ruse in this fun fake movie trailer. A ruse... to commit murder. You know, given the needlessly tough time male nerds tend to give female nerds, I'd say this lady, fake or not, has earned herself a few stabbings.


[Via Bleeding Cool]

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What controversy/nonsense is this? That they exist? They do. The same as fake car enthusiasts do who only watch Top Gear and couldn't even change a flat. Or fake drug users who talk about their heavy use but smoked once at a party and got a headache. Or fake readers who read loads, for reals, who actually read Harry Potter and a few of whatever the media mentions, and couldn't name a real book or author. Or fake cooks who totally cook great food all the time and it's so healthy and actually they fry an omelette or chuck some soup together once a month. Or fake gym goers who take their fitness seriously yo, but really they guilt themselves into going every few weeks at best and spend a half hour on a slow running machine. I could go on for a long time. People lie and bullshit to fake a lifestyle they want, for one or another reason, to be seen to be a part of. It could be something they tell everyone or something they tell just one person but it's always just an act, a desperate attempt to appear to have more substance about you than you really do and to impress others. It's narcissistic. And you better hope you don't give away that it's bullshit, because people really don't respect that.

In this case it's particularly pernicious, because identifying as a nerd implies a problematic lonely youth and school life that left someone with lifelong scars, and I can see how it might be thoroughly galling to have the sort of lass who contributed to that childhood and adolescence abuse roll up in a Pacman shirt and pretend she's the same as you because she watched Game of Thrones. Didn't read the book because they're really big. No she does read really, she read, um, Catcher in the Rye. In school. And Fifty Shades of Grey.

Because be honest: this nerdery, this geekiness, that these women (or guys) aspire to have, it's got nothing to do with yours. Theirs is a packaged product sold to them, a club membership card that says they believe in a style, using the same words but not being the same thing. Yours is the real deal, the one that you acquired through a lifetime of abuse at the hands of your contemporaries, an adolescence of utter ignorance from others and spectacular failure with members of the opposite sex, the complete divergence of personal values and experience from almost anyone else. They don't realise why it should upset you that they suddenly start pretending to be one of you precisely because of their blissful ignorance of what it means. You can forgive them, they aren't even talking about the same thing.