The probably doomed Highlander remake gets director #3

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Summit Entertainment has been trying to reboot the Highlander franchise for five long years, but they've been unable to find a director with that special talent of "waiting around indefinitely while the film languishes in development hell." Maybe the third time will be the charm.


Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, best known for his second-unit work on Snow White & the Huntsman, is the new director for the time being, which is also currently without a star, after Ryan Reynolds exited the movie this summer.

Cedric was crowned the third official director of the movie after dueling previous 28 Weeks Later's Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and decapitating him, obviously. Fresnadillo had similarly killed Fast and the Furious director Justin Lin back in 2011.


I would love a good Highlander movie. The first one is one of my favorite films. The rest of the movies have, for the most part, been godawful.

The tagline should be, perhaps, "There Should Have Been Only One".