The Predator's New TV Spot Shows Two Predators Fighting, Is Thus Worth Watching

The Predator, looking to... predate... I guess.
The Predator, looking to... predate... I guess.
Image: 20th Century Fox
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Look, I don’t know if The Predator, a soft reboot of the franchise directed by Shane Black, is going to be good. We haven’t been super impressed in the past. But I do know that, in this new footage, two Predators fight each other. And I am here for that.


Okay, maybe I’m overstating this a bit. It’s a short clip. But the promise, y’all. The promise. A Predator bodying another Predator. Show me that movie. I’m ready, in the deepest recesses of my heart.

The rest of the TV spot isn’t that much of a departure from the original trailer, showing the basic premise of the movie, with the promise of lots of Predator-related carnage.


But, y’all. Two Predators? Two. This is why I watch movies like this.

Check out the TV spot, which aired during an NBA Finals game last night, below. The footage online so far isn’t super high-quality, so apologies: I’ll update if and when I see an official HD link.

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Can someone do me a favor and explain “reboot” to me? Not that long ago I thought that rebooting a work of fiction meant starting over from scratch (more or less). Now it seems like it’s being used instead of “revival” (especially for tv shows) and “sequel” (which is what this movie is whether they don’t want to stick a number on it or not, am I crazy, it’s marketing PR, lazy writing or a combination of the above? Zombie’s Halloween is a reboot, the new Halloween is a sequel that they need to invent a new word for.