The Predator Just Added an Expanse Star to Its Ever-Growing Cast

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The Expanse is one of our favorite shows on TV. And while we wait for its February 1 return, we have some gleeful news: Thomas Jane, who plays the Syfy show’s oddly-coiffed but deeply-determined detective, Miller, has joined the cast of The Predator, Shane Black’s franchise reboot. This is ideal, and awesome.

There’s no word on what role Jane—no stranger to reboots, having starred in The Punisher in 2004—will play. On The Expanse, he’s nailed the character of a weary cynic who’s often underestimated by his superiors (partially because he drinks a wee bit too much), but comes through big-time when shit gets dangerous. It’s tempting to imagine him in a similar role in The Predator. But Jane’s just one element of a killer cast: Boyd Holbrook (soon to be seen in Logan) is the lead, along with Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight), Sterling K. Brown (The People v OJ Simpson), Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse), Keegan-Michael Key (Key and Peele), and, presumably, several ruthless, occasionally invisible alien killing machines.


All we know about the script, penned by Black (who co-starred in the 1987 original, the same year he wrote Lethal Weapon) and Fred Dekker (probably best-known as the director of The Monster Squad, which he co-wrote with Black, also in 1987), is that it’s an ensemble movie with a “domestic” setting, i.e. not outer space, a remote jungle, or an underground Arctic pyramid. (Also, probably not a big city—because what could ever top Predator 2's Los Angeles invasion?) The movie starts filming next month, with a February 2018 release date.

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