The Powers TV Show Has Found Its Deena Pilgrim

Illustration for article titled The emPowers/em TV Show Has Found Its Deena Pilgrim

The gears on the Playstation adaptation of the superpowered police procedural comic Powers are moving forward, and now we're getting to meet some of the show's cast—including the actress playing Detective Deena Pilgrim.


Deadline reports that Susan Heyward, fresh from her role as murder cultist Hannah on The Following, will be playing Pilgrim, the young detective who is partnered with Detective Christian Walker to investigate homicides involving people with superpowers. And Heyward isn't the only actor joining the Powers cast; The Killing's Max Fowler will play Krispin Stockley, the disaffected teenage son of Walker's murdered partner, and Adam Godley will be playing Captain Cross, captain of the Powers division.

Susan Heyward Lands Female Lead In Sony Playstation Series 'Powers', Max Fowler & Adam Godley Also Cast [Deadline via ComicsAlliance]

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