Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup enter the world of Flaming Lips when they prepare to take down the pink robots. Courtney Bernard is just one of the artists putting cartoon characters (and Muppets) on classic album covers.

These pieces were created for the Cover the Cover exhibition showing at the Lunch Box Restaurant & Tiki Room and curated by Susanita’s Little Gallery in Madrid. You can see more pieces from the show (and purchase artwork) from the gallery's online store.

Cover the Cover [Susanita’s Little Gallery via Xombie DIRGE]

Sex Pistols + The Powerpuff Girls by Fran Collado


The Beatles + The Muppets by Genie Espinosa

Nirvana + Adventure Time by Juan P Arroyo


AC DC + Vicky the Viking by Laura Moreno Yanguas

Stone Temple Pilots + Rainbow Brite by Victoria Maderna