The Power Rangers Movie Is Already Getting a Sequel in Comic Book Form

Presumably, this one isn’t counted in the seven actual sequels Lionsgate is hoping it can make after the movie.


Boom Studios has announced a brand new graphic novel, due out the week after Power Rangers hits theaters in March. Power Rangers Aftershock, while not offering any details about the movie itself, will be written by Ryan Parrott with art by Lucas Werneck, and promises to pick up “immediately” after the events of the movie, telling a new chapter in the life of the young teens with attitude.

The book will feature two covers, released in a cool format: if you pick up a copy of Aftershock from a book store, you’ll get the photo cover of the Rangers as they appear in the movie:

If you pick it up from a comic book store though, you’ll get a cover by artist Greg Smallwood—which honestly makes the new suits look really good, continuing the weird trend of them looking better as everything but the actual live action suits:


It’s pretty cool to see the tie-in so close to the film itself, and considering that Boom’s Power Rangers comics so far have been pretty solid, it’ll be interesting to see what they do within the universe of the new movie. Power Rangers: Aftershock will be out March 29th.



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