Black Mirror is one of the most important new science fiction TV shows of the past few years, helping to transform our ideas about the kinds of stories that SF can tell on television. And now, a group of artists has put together a Black Mirror-inspired show for Aperture in New York.

Michael Famighetti, editor of Aperture Magazine, chose these images, focusing on works that “consider the ways in which our current reality might echo the outlandish narratives of science fiction,” according to a statement from Aperture. Describing Black Mirror as “a Twilight Zone for the age of the smartphone,” Famighetti said that these images reflect concerns such as Bitcoin, big data, and WikiLeaks, from a science-fictional standpoint.

The Black Mirror show is appearing at the Aperture Summer Open, at Aperture Gallery, at 547 West 27th St., on the 4th Floor in NYC. The opening reception just happened, but the show will be appearing from now until August 13. Check out more of the artworks below.

Aras Gökten, Untitled, 2014


Eva O’Leary, Nursery, 2015

Arnau Blanch, from the series Everybody Needs Good Neighbours, 2015


Alexander Gehring, Medium, 2011

Brandon Nichols, Strain, 2014

Top image: Sarah Meyohas, Red Speculation, 2014