Once upon a time, this public service poster about not letting flies land on your food was everywhere in the U.K.. It's mostly huge blocks of text, with just a tiny black-and-white image at the bottom... and it's completely revolting.

This famous ad was created by Charles Saatchi, who went on to become one of the most influential (and controversial) figures in British advertising and media. As the Guardian explains:

What happens when a fly lands on your food?' ran the top line on an unusually direct Health Education Council poster in 1970. If most of us now have a clear idea that vomiting, stamping, sucking and defecating are involved in the answer it is due to Charles Saatchi, the young advertising executive who wrote the unflinching copy for the advert, putting an end to the free-for-all that flies had enjoyed in Britain for years.

His food safety poster was greeted with horror and disgust by the public, and many complained. But Saatchi had got the message across and he has been playing upon our national sensibilities ever since.

And now you'll never look at flies landing on your food the same way again.