Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round up of all things collectible, toy-related, and budget-breaking. This week we’ve got a beautiful Transformer from the Bumblebee movie that doesn’t actually transform, a post-apocalyptic version of Abraham Lincoln and more minifigures from The Lego Movie 2, and the return of everyone’s favorite space ranger in action figure form.


ThreeA Toys Bumblebee Transformers DLX Blitzwing

Bumblebee wasn’t the runaway hit Transformers fans had hoped, but it deserved to be, with a great story and robot designs that closely resembled the beloved ‘80s toy line. ThreeA Toys’ new 10.6-inch version of the movie’s Blitzwing character doesn’t transform, which admittedly feels very wrong for a Transformers toy, but it does boast 51 points of articulation, glowing LED-lit eyes, die-cast metal parts, and a staggering level of detail. Its $199 price tag (when available later this year) is still steep, but not hard for a collector to justify.

[h/t Plastic and Plush]


Beast Kingdom Toy Story Dynamic 8ction Heroes Buzz Lightyear and Woody Figures

Another Toy Story installment heading to theaters in 2019 means another wave of Toy Story collectibles headed to stores this year. Beast Kingdom is one of the first to capitalize on two of Pixar’s most popular characters, with a new seven-inch Buzz Lightyear figure and a new eight-inch Woody the Cowboy. Each figure boasts 20 points of articulation, maximizing their desk display-ability, as well as swappable accessories like alternate hands and a rocket pack for Buzz, and three different expressive faces for Woody. They’re both available for pre-order from BigBadToyStore for $55 each, and will ship sometime in August.

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The Lego Movie 2 Minifigure Collection

Lego’s releasing another themed collection of blind-bagged minifigures on February 1, but you might want to hold off until after February 8 when you’ve actually had the chance to see The Lego Movie 2 and decide which minifigure characters need to be added to your collection. According to Lego, 20 new minifigures are being introduced, including “Awesome Remix Emmet, Battle-Ready Lucy, Apocalypse Benny, Giraffe Guy, Crayon Girl, Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield, Hula Lula, Watermelon Dude, Flashback, Lucy, The Swamp Creature, Candy Rapper, Gone Golfin’ President Business, Apocalypseburg Abe, Vest, Friend Rex, Kitty Pop, Dorothy Gale & Toto, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and a Unikitty figure.” If you’re a big Wizard of Oz fan there’s a reason to jump at the chance to finally own Lego versions of those film characters, but no Lego collection could be considered complete without a post-apocalyptic version of Abraham Lincoln.


Nerf Rival Overwatch Blasters

It’s been decades since it became illegal for toy guns to look like real guns, but only recently have we started to see blaster makers like Nerf draw inspiration from the weaponry in over-the-top video game shoot-’em-ups like Overwatch. The new collection features a mix of traditional foam-dart blasters, and blasters capable of firing Nerf’s foam ball Rival rounds. At the top-end you’ve got the $130 Reaper (Wight Edition) Collector Pack that includes two eight-shot blasters, followed by the $30 D.Va and McCree blasters, and then the small, single-shot $10 Microshots line. They should all be on store shelves now, but expect to see new additions as next month’s Toy Fair 2019 draws closer.


1968 Ford Mini GT 40 Go-Kart by SCAF

The good news for collectors of exotic automobiles who don’t have a lot room for parking is that Francis Mortarini’s company, Société de Construction des Automobiles Francis, eventually became known for creating miniature working replicas of famous high-performance sports cars. That includes a go-kart version of the Le Mans-winning Ford GT 40, which was recently completely restored, including its Gulf livery, and an upgrade to a nine-horsepower engine. The bad news is that this masterpiece is going up for auction today through RM Sotheby’s, and is expected to fetch somewhere between $25,000 to $35,000. Cheaper than a real GT 40, for sure, but that makes for one expensive toy.

[h/t Uncrate]


Hyperkin RetroN DIY Retro Console for SNES

Hyperkin’s new RetroN DIY SNES makes a good case for not shelling out $190 for Analogue’s Super Nt console; you can just build your own and use all the money you save to buy more carts. The RetroN DIY, which includes pre-soldered PCBs and a Raspberry Pi Zero, can be assembled using just a Phillips head screwdriver, so even someone with the most basic ‘hacking’ skills can get it running. The hardware itself isn’t pretty (you can easily built a custom housing to make it look more like a console) but it promises to make your original Super Nintendo and Super Famicom carts shine on a modern hi-def TV in 720P.

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