The Polish Knight Fighting League is the only reality show we need

1,000 years ago, when men strapped themselves into full-body suits of armor and began hitting at each other with swords, it was war. Today, it's entertainment. The Polska Liga Walk Rycerskich is essentially the Polish version of SCA but with real (albeit dull) swords, and it is even more insane that you can imagine.


As you can tell by the above promo video, some members are happy to do elaborate, twirly attacks, and many are content to just beat their opponents about the head. Most fights are one-on-one, but there appears to be some kind of group match, shown near the end, which looks like a big free-for-all with men in full armor basically performing flying body tackles on everybody else. It's madness.

About the only rule I can tell is that when someone is actually in danger — like when that guy's helmet pops off — referees seem to step in before someone gets killed But how does someone win? Is it based on knock-outs? Do people have to yield? Do players actually get wounded? (I would think a few have, at least by accident.) Are there any rules about equipment or weapons or anything? If you happen to know any details about Polska Liga Walk Rycerskich, please, let us know if the comments!


Meanwhile, I give this thing a year before it's on Spike or Syfy as a reality series.

[Via Reddit]

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Michael Munro

I think you mean SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) rather than SPCA.