The Planet of Boobies and Robots

Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity is many things: a mystery, a science fiction epic, a tale of the downtrodden rising up against a cruel master, and . . . boobies. Yes, lots and lots of boobies. Boobies in bras, boobies with robots in the background, boobies in pirate castles on remote planets. Basically, here's the deal: two hot ladies (with boobies) escape from a slave planet, steal a ship (while wearing teeny outfits that show their boobies), then crash land on another planet controlled by a psycho guy who gives them awesome, see-through, boobie-revealing outfits. Then it turns out he's mean and they have to escape — hopefully with boobies intact! In this clip, one of the ladies flirts with an android in her effort to escape the psycho.

For such a boob-heavy flick, there are an awful lot of scenes full of the bad guy talking and the women making plans to escape, which is one of the things that's perennially annoying about B-movies where really, let's face it, we're in it for visuals. Luckily in this scene, the psycho has shut his pie hole and is using his robot slave to get some boobies. I am probably going to some special hell for bloggers for thinking this scene is actually kind of hot. [Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity]


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Annalee Newitz

@moff: Yeah, that was me, filming in the bushes.