The Pink Power Ranger Is Getting Her Own Comic Book

Power Rangers: Pink #1 Main Cover by Elsa Charretier.
Power Rangers: Pink #1 Main Cover by Elsa Charretier.

Boom Studio’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comic is already promising to be a delightful nostalgic romp—but the really interesting part of the studio getting access to the legendary superhero franchise is all the ways that we can start exploring the Power Rangers mythos beyond nostalgia: And it looks like we’re starting with the Pink Ranger.

Last night the LA Times revealed that the first spinoff of the upcoming Power Rangers comic would be a solo series for Kimberly Hart, by Batgirl’s Brenden Fletcher, Jem and the Holograms’ Kelly Thompson, and Mirror Edge: Exordium’s Daniele Di Nicuolo.

Power Rangers: Pink #1 Incentive Cover, by Marguerite Sauvage.
Power Rangers: Pink #1 Incentive Cover, by Marguerite Sauvage.

We don’t know much else about Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Pink, but with a name like that, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the whole team get their own spinoffs. You can never have too many Power Rangers comics! It’s cool that Kimberly gets to be the person that kicks all that off though. And it’s interesting to explore these characters a bit further beyond how goofy/cool they look dramatically flipping away from explosions, as a Power Ranger is wont to do.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink #1 will hit comic book stores in May.

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I actually met Amy Jo Johnson once. Not like “met”-met, I was a barista at the time. And I kind of recognized her, but I never really watched Power Rangers as a kid. So I had no idea how beloved that show was when I told my friend, who WAS a Power Rangers fan, that I had made the Pink Ranger a latte.

My friend was... what comes after apoplectic + bugfuck?

Anyway, this sounds kinda intriguing, enough that I’m kinda tempted to go out and grab one. And yes, if you were wondering, Amy Jo is very pleasant, and very, very pretty.