The Phantom Menace's Greatest Critic Takes On Avatar

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The brains behind the hilarious 70-Minute video review of Phantom Menace is back and taking on James "Snake-Oil Selling" Cameron. The lunatic critic takes the director to task for tricking the audience into loving his theme-park ride of a film.


If you haven't seen the original Phantom Menace review, we highly recommend it. This one is a bit more of a slow-starter, but it has it where it counts. We especially appreciate the Disney eye break down and Garbage Pail Kids reference.


Anekanta - spoon denier

This issue of white guilt keeps coming up in a lot of reviews, this one included, and seems to be a source of a lot of criticism. Now I'm not about to debate the quality (or lack thereof) of the message...

But it's still a message. There are still indigenous cultures disappearing around the world. Maybe we could actually do something about that instead of hating on the film for making us feel guilty about it.