The Phantasm Is Finally Coming to DC Comics

A familiar mask. But does a familiar face hide behind it?
Image: Clay Mann and Tomeu Morey (DC Comics)

Another icon from Batman: The Animated Series is making the leap from animation to main DC Comics continuity—and seems like she’s going to cause some havoc for both the Bat and the Cat.

Tom King’s recently revealed Batman/Catwoman series with Clay Mann and Tomeu Morey—the culmination of the writer’s now-cut-short Batman saga while he moves on to other DC projects, including co-writing Ava DuVernay’s New Gods movie—was initially teased as a continuation of the dramatic plot between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne that has come to dominate much of King’s run on the main Batman book. But last night, the writer revealed a surprising new aspect to the 12-issue series: a new piece of art from Mann and Morey that shows the original teaser art being reflected in the sinister blade of The Phantasm herself!


For those unfamiliar, first, go check out Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, because it’s literally one of the greatest movies about the Dark Knight ever made, animated or otherwise. The titular Phantasm was actually the alter ego of Andrea Beaumont—voiced by Dana Delany in the 1993 movie—a former romantic flame who broke Bruce Wayne’s heart when she mysteriously left Gotham and Bruce behind after he proposed to her. Andrea returned years later as The Phantasm and crossed paths with her onetime lover again, this time as violent anti-hero out for revenge on the Joker for the death of her father, leading to a confrontation with Batman.

Some versions of the Phantasm have appeared in comics before—the version from the B:TAS continuity made an appearance in the Batman Beyond 2.0 digital comics, while a version dubbed “The Reaper” appeared in the alt-universe of DC’s Bombshells. But Batman/Catwoman will mark the first time The Phantasm has directly been integrated into the main DC Comics continuity.

Time will tell to see if the comics version of the Phantasm’s background matches up with the one we know of from Mask of the Phantasm. Given the “She Awaits You” tagline, it seems like at least it’s likely going to be a familiar version of Andrea. Jeez, as if comics Bruce didn’t have to deal with enough jilted fiancé drama in the comics right now, anyway!


But we’ll have to wait until January 2020, when the mask of the Phantasm casts its grim shadow over Batman/Catwoman.

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