The Pettiest Dictator On Earth, In New "Blindness" Trailer

Jose Saramago's novel Blindness is one of the most memorable examinations of humanity's dark side in literature. So the movie adaptation, directed by Fernando Meirelles, has a tough order to fill, even with a cast that includes Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo. The film's teaser trailer, which we posted in April, was intriguing, but the new full-length trailer gives a way better sense of how the whole quarantined-blind-people thing will work. And it's mostly really good news. Click through to watch a short scene from the film.

In the book, if memory serves, it's only one city that starts having an epidemic of blindness. But this trailer makes it sound as though the blindness is striking worldwide. The only thing that worries me about this trailer is the way the music swells hopefully at the end as Julianne Moore makes a stirring speech. As you can tell from the trailer, she's the only one in the quarantine hospital who can still see, and she's standing up to the self-proclaimed "King Of Ward 3."

Friend of io9 James Rocchi saw Blindness at Cannes and gave it a pretty positive review over at Cinematical:

The descent into savagery is depicted with brutal force in Blindness; many viewers will retreat from that fall's hideous strength through questioning smaller moments in the plot and character motivation, and Blindness unfortunately leaves them plenty of room in which to do so. But while Blindness can be faulted for many things, it also has to be respected for its ambition, craft, and effort; Blindness shows us a world of wide-eyed sightlessness, and it does so through a fierce vision that only occasionally loses focus.


[Alliance Films via GetTheBigPicture]

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