The Peter Pan Live Trailer Is Kind Of Terrifying

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NBC has released a trailer for their Peter Pan LIVE! But because this is a live presentation, this isn't really a trailer at all, but a weird behind-the-scenes video of a photoshoot in which an orchestra warms up and the sound of unknown people marching faster and faster. It's actually kind of creepy.

But thanks to this trailer, we will forever have these two gifs. And for that I thanks Allison Williams and Christopher Walken. Truly, this may be the best night of our lives.


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You know, when he's not hamming it up, Christopher Walken is actually a legitimately good actor (go watch Catch Me If You Can if you don't believe me). It's a little weird that he's in this though; reminds me of those Robot Chicken sketches where Star Treck II: Wrath of Khan and Beastmaster are adapted to Broadway musicals.