Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so get thee to the kitchen โ€” but to make sure you don't get caught pairing the wrong "Jawa Juice" with your "Wookie Cookies" we've collected the perfect menu for your science fictional dinner. We've scanned through all the many delicacies and bizarre recipes that have turned up in science fiction over the years, and come up with a menu to dazzle the taste buds and mind-wipe your brain. Bon appetite! Before Dinner Cocktail:

Vodka Martini Shaken Not Stirred "Three measures of Gordon's; one of vodka; half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it over ice, and add a thin slice of lemon peel." First Course:

Space Soup from Space Balls Second Course:


Kep-mok blood ticks from Dr. Lazarus' home planet served over shaven Nutrient Bars with a fried taspar egg. Palate Cleanser: Rice cakes from the pockets of Leia in Return of The Jedi โ€” good for sharing with your Ewok pets. Main Course:

Giant grilled squid with a purรฉe of Killer Tomatoes accompanied with Popplers and garnished with the tubers grown from Swamp Thing's swamp (it's all about going organic these days). This is also a great time to break out the bloodwine (Klingon, of course โ€” not that True Blood nonsense) preferably served warm. Dessert:

There is a lot to choose from for this so we've rounded up a collection because you shouldn't be limited to one dessert, it's the holidays after all. Chilled Monkey Brains Pushing Daisies Pie (preferably Pecan) And Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans served as munchies After Dinner Drink: Root Beer Float a la Walter Bishop and if you're feeling risky throw some LSD in it. If you're looking for recipe ideas check out the Star Wars Cook Book, the Star Trek Cookbook but I would stay away from Natural Harvest the semen-based cookbook (even that is too out there for me).