The Perfect Jumping-On Point For Cecilia Tan's Sexy Magic University!

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What if Hogwarts only had students 18 and over? And there was a lot more sex? Then you might get something like Magic University, the series written by erotic SF mastermind Cecilia Tan. And now, a new anthology of short fiction provides the perfect way to discover this world for yourself.


Cecilia Tan, the publisher of erotic science fiction/fantasy publisher Circlet Press, explains Magic University thusly: “[these books] combine everything I love about the Harry Potter books with all the stuff I felt I was missing from those books: sexuality, openly LGBT characters, eroticism, genuine romantic plotlines, to name just a few.”

But if you’re too daunted by the three existing novels (with a fourth one on the way), how about trying the short story collection, Spellbinding: Tales from the Magic University? It features stories by Tan and a number of other fanfic and erotica authors. According to the book’s announcement page:

Spellbinding includes 7 stories by Cecilia Tan–including two never before published!–and 10 by authors and fans she invited to come “play in her sandbox.” The stories range from fanciful “what ifs” to explorations of the backgrounds of characters we don’t fully learn in the course of the main novels. Through these tales we see Frost’s rescue as a child, the tumultuous relationship of Dean Bell and Master Brandish, what Kyle did on his summer vacation, and much more. Representing a range of sexualities, the stories include lesbian, gay, bi, and heterosexual pairings.


Or you can always start the series with book one.

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openly LGBT characters

WHat?! Outrageous! I demand my representation to be only be revealed long after the series is over, never relevant to plot at all! And school mechanics that raise so many unanswered questions of trans and genderqueer students!

When we say LGBT characters what are we talking about here? Are there actually trans characters?