The Palm Springs Trailer Features Andy Samberg in an Infinite Wedding Time Loop

Palm Springs is a time loop romantic comedy.
Palm Springs is a time loop romantic comedy.
Photo: Hulu
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Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow, Happy Death Day, Russian Dollwe all love a good time loop story. And the latest one, Palm Springs, looks like it could end up on par with those classics.


Palm Springs debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, which feels about 500 years ago at this point. Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti play guests at a Palm Springs wedding who find themselves in a time loop. Why? How? The film’s trailer doesn’t say. But it does show that the stars have great chemistry, there’s a real romantic comedy vibe and things get absolutely wild. Check it out.

Samberg, of course, you recognize from Saturday Night Live, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Popstar, etc. Milioti is one of those actors you know you’ve seen before but maybe can’t place. Well, she was the lead in the standout “USS Callister” episode of Black Mirror, and was in Fargo, The Wolf of Wall Street, How I Met Your Mother, and more. She’s excellent and it’s exciting to see her as the lead in a big movie like this.


That movie, which was acquired by Hulu for a Sundance record $17.5 million, will premiere on the service, and in select drive-ins, on July 10.

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I like Miloti, I like Samberg as long as he has a good straight-man/woman to play off of and the idea that we’re getting dropped in to the timeloop already in progress seems like an interesting take.