The Painted Caverns sat deep in the bowels of the icy moon

Illustration for article titled The Painted Caverns sat deep in the bowels of the icy moon

When the flare lit up, filling the cavern with a thousand shades of purple and green, a brief, mad thought passed Jun's brain. An alien intelligence must have passed through here, he decided, and directed the ice to flow like streaks of oil paint smudged into the darkness. Just as suddenly, the idea vanished, replaced by excitement at the rich geological history he would get to uncover.


Artist Kuldar Leement has prints of "Curiosity" available at Society6 and ARTFLAKES.

Curiosity [Kuldar Leement on deviantART via r/ImaginaryStarscapes]

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Flight Smell Grass Scent Trail Hunt Run Run Kill Struggle Kill Struggle Kill Grass Fade

Jessie reeled from the flood of mnemonic impressions left in the gigantic Thought Pillar. She nauseous and yet irremisibly fascinated with the collective sensations stored in the relic of the ancient denizens of this long dead planet. Whoever they had been,their light had gone out of the Universe violently and yet this violent race somehow possessed the inexplicable means to record their actual mental patterns.

With a trembling hand,she touched the Thought Pillar again.


"Crew (STATIC) control. (STATIC) —rasitic thoughts trasmitted from— (STATIC) FLIIIIGHT! KILL KIIILL!"