The Ouija board movie will be scary, says screenwriters

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We recently caught up with Tron Legacy screenwriters Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis about their upcoming script for Universal's Ouija. The writers stanched rumors that Ouija will not be a frightening film, and they promised some scares.


Tell us a little bit about your plans for Ouija. What's your tack for adapting it for the big screen?

Edward Kitsis: Our hope is to really do something that will be surprising to an audience and to tell a story on a big scale that can have both adventure and scares.


Adam Horowitz: I know there was a quote picked up recently that said Ouija won't be scary, and that's not what we meant. The question that was asked was, "Will it be Jumanji?" It's not Jumanji, it's not a board that comes to life. It [has] the scope of a large adventure movie, but it will definitely have scares in it.

EK: When you're talking about a board that communicates with the dead, there is a chilling aspect to it, and one that we hope to embrace within the story.

AH: We feel that we have a unique way in that people won't see coming. There will definitely be scares in it. So that's definitely not true, [the quote] out there.

So we're looking at a PG-13 rating here?

AH: I would say probably PG-13.

EK: The great thing about PG-13 is that it can run the gamut and you can get pretty intense with that. It's way too early to see what the rating will be.


AH: Right now we're worried about the best story possible, and we'll be worried about ratings later.

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They should rip off the Alan Moore Swamp Thing story featuring the Monkey King that was conjured up by the Ouija board.