The otherworldly fortresses that are Bulgaria's Socialist monuments

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These stark socialist sculptures in Bulgaria have an almost Zardoz-like aesthetic about them. You half expect a coterie of post-apocalyptic stormtroopers to come piling out, armed with laser-axes designed to crush the edifice of bourgeois oppression.


In all seriousness though, these photographs by Linda Ferrari are absolutely stunning — some of these monuments are in a state of disrepair, which makes these locations all the more surreal. You can see more of these photographs at her site. Be sure to check out her awesome gallery of LARPers — these hardcore folks are role-playing in castles and dells, not just soccer fields.

[Spotted on Feuilleton]

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I was wondering if anyone knows what the first monument on the original page is: [] (sorry, no idea how to post pics).

We always drive by it on our way to Greece and it looks kind of like a flying saucer from afar, and i've been wondering.