So far on Orphan Black, Sarah has been the one impersonating her fellow clones Beth and Katja, but on last night's episode, some of the other clones got in on the impersonation act. Sometimes having other ladies who look like you is handy—other times, not so much. Spoilers below.

We start with crazy killer angel clone, whose name, we learn this episode, is Helena. Helena is stitching herself up in a bathroom after her run-in with the rebar and repeating what Sarah told her, "I'm not Beth." A little boy follows the trail of blood and finds her in the bathroom, and Helena puts a finger to her lips and welcomes him inside. She's apparently in someone else's home.


Props to everyone who suspected that fertility was an issue with the clones. Alison is shocked to learn that Sarah has a biological child, and is miffed Sarah didn't reveal it earlier. Did Beth or Cosima ever try to get pregnant?

Ever get the impression that Cosima was totally delighted to find out that she's a clone? I mean, obviously she's not so thrilled about the part where folks are out to kill her, but she's endlessly fascinated by everything clone-related. It's sort of cute to watch her and Felix banter over video chat.


Alison wisely gets her kids out of the house, much to the confusion of her husband. Each clone has her own way of hiding her double life: Sarah snipes and cons, but Alison masterfully changes the subject by steering the conversation toward her hubby's occasionally sloppy drinking. Nice to see Alison bring her own skills this episode.

Art (who is feeling quite warm and fuzzy toward Sarah/Beth) and Sarah go to the house where Helena cleaned up. The little boy is unharmed, and when Art asks him what the "angel" in the bathroom looked like, he points toward Sarah, who is peeking out from around the corner. Art takes this to mean that the angel was a woman, roughly Sarah's size. When Sarah talks to the boy alone, he tells her, "She said you would come." Then he brings out a paper fortune teller with drawings of stick figure women, all smeared with blood.

So now the police are coming up with a profile: our killer angel is religious, possibly suffered abuse in childhood, but is meticulous enough not to leave prints. Meanwhile, Helena calls Sarah at the office. Apparently, Helena didn't kill Sarah last episode because she feels that they have some special kind of connection, beyond being clones. She wants to meet Helena, "I already gave you the address."


Helena apparently gave the cops a bunch of addresses, hidden in the paper fortune teller. While Art and Sarah head off to investigate, Helena arrives at the station, hair hidden, pretending to be Beth. She examines the police bulletin boards on the case with some amusement. (She rearranges several pieces of paper to form a single, Frankenstein monster doll.) She also answers a call from Beth's boyfriend, Paul, and begs him to pick her up.

At the first address, Art and Sarah find the walls covered in more stick figures. One sits above the rest, a bloody question mark over her head. "Is this the killer?" Art asks. "Or the next victim?" Sarah breathes in recognition. "Next victim."


Back at the police station, Sarah finds a photo of Maggie Chen left in her picture frame. (Tauntingly, Helena has also scratched out Paul's eyes in frame's original photo.) She pulls out the Maggie Chen file and discovers that Maggie Chen had a fish-shaped brand on the back of her neck. Sarah figures it's no coincidence that the handle of Helena's knife is also shaped like a fish. She relays this to Cosima, who says that Beth never told them anything about the Maggie Chen shooting. The fish reads to Cosima as a Christian symbol, and paired with the knife blade, a personal crusade. She suspects Maggie and Helena might be part of an extreme religious group out to kill the clones for being unholy abominations. Helena might be killing her fellow clones in a bid for redemption.

Paul shows up to pick up Sarah and makes a scene, saying that Sarah/Beth wants to leave the police force. Sarah manages to convince him to leave, but the incident leaves Art suspicious, especially since she told Art she and Paul were splitting up. It doesn't help that Art's already a bit suspicious of Sarah for not identifying her attacker (Helena) as a woman.

With the investigation hot, Sarah can't make her planned visit with Kira, so she enlists Alison to take her place. Felix is sent to play, as he puts it "Reverse Pygmalion," and grunge Alison up. Tatiana Maslany does a spectacular job with this; even though the characters look identical, it's easy to forget that they're all played by the same woman. Alison's conceptions of how Sarah speaks and behaves are pretty hilarious (Oi!), and Maslany plays Alison-playing-Sarah as a much different character from Sarah herself, even when Alison more or less gets a handle on the accent.


Alison and Felix arrive at Mrs. S's and manage not to raise any red flags with the foster mom. Kira, however, immediately knows that Alison isn't her mother. Once Felix clears Mrs. S from the room and Alison realizes she's been made, she drops the Sarah act. She tells Kira that she's "Aunt Alison," but Kira knows enough to know her mother doesn't have any biological family. Still, Kira seems willing to keep their secret. On her way out, Alison thanks Mrs. S for taking such good care of Sarah, a gesture that stuns and impresses Mrs. S. This is how Alison contributes: not just with money, but with manners and heart.

Helena calls Sarah and demands that they meet. Sarah writes down the address and takes off, not realizing that she's headed to Maggie Chen's home. She finds Helena inside. Helena tells her "You're different from the others." Sure enough, Helena tells Sarah that she (Helena) was sent from God. "Maggie Chen helped make you," Helena tells her, "and then she saw the light and came to our side." Helena insists she see a light in Sarah, a light that doesn't exist in the others, who are "poor copies of God's image." "But you're not?" Sarah asks. "You're special?" Then an idea occurs to her. "They told you you were the original, didn't they?"


Art saw the imprint of the address on Sarah's pad and instantly recognized it as Maggie Chen's address. Having no idea what the hell is going on with Sarah/Beth, he follows her. Just as Sarah and Helena's conversation reaches its most dramatic point, with Helena pressing her forehead against the barrel of Sarah's gun, Art starts banging on the door. Sarah ushers Helena out the window onto the fire escape. "You do feel it," Helena whispers. Hardly has Sarah closed the window before Art breaks in, screaming at Sarah. Back at the station, Sarah resigns, turning in Beth's badge over Art and her captain's objections.

Meanwhile, Helena stumbles into the street and collapses. A van stops and a man carries her inside. His ring bears the same fish symbol that was burned into Maggie Chen's neck.


Any further speculation on our mysterious religious order?