The Orphan Black Scene So Disgusting It Made Tatiana Maslany Cry

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The cast and creators of Orphan Black didn’t reveal much about the upcoming season and its new mysteries, but they did talk a lot about the world of Orphan Black and what it’s like to work on the show. One thing we learned: it’s particularly hard to be Tatiana Maslany in a scene where Helena is eating a ton of food.


The panel, hosted by the incomparable Retta, featured show creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett and stars Maslany, Dylan Bruce (who described this year’s panel as his Orphan Black “swan song”), Jordan Gavaris, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Ari Millen, and Kristian Bruun. There were plenty of jokes (Retta asked if Helena was ever going to get concealer, which sounds like a job for Alison if there ever was one), some behind-the-scenes goodness (Bruun had two underwear fittings for the twerking in bed scene), and some embarrassing revelations (Kennedy insisted that Maslany’s one flaw is that she farts very audibly).

Kennedy seems to particularly love poking fun at Maslany. When a fan asked the cast members which scene they most enjoyed filming, Kennedy said it was the dinner party scene in the season three finale. This was a big scene featuring four of the clones, so it took two 18-hour days to film. When Maslany was playing Helena, she had to keep eating heaping amounts of food, and Fawcett insisted that she pile sugar on top of everything. So Maslany shoveled sugar-covered broccoli into her mouth until she became delirious and started crying. Food was flying out of her mouth, and Kennedy said the other cast members comforted/tormented her by patting her on the back and saying it was just the hormones from Helena’s pregnancy.

“I was so messed up,” Maslany agreed, laughing.

Of course, the big question that everyone wanted an answer to was: Did Delphine really die? We watched her slump after being shot in the season three finale, but many fans have held out hope that Cosima’s love puppy is still alive. While the showrunners didn’t give quite the definitive answer they gave for Paul (who is dead as a blown-up doornail. Sorry, Paul fans.), Manson did say, “She’s Orphan Black dead.” So take that how you will.

The showrunners also discussed the Orphan Black stories they’ve been dying to tell. “We’ve always talked about Helena’s backstory. I’ve wanted to see her put out the eyes of a nun,” said Fawcett, grinning. One story that they’re going to explore in the comic is the Helsinki event, which Delphine and Sarah learned about early in season three. As the name suggests, the story is set in Finland, at a time when the clones are 17. Fawcett described it as the “Clone Club Breakfast Club with a tragic ending.” I must admit, I haven’t been keeping up with the comic, but I’m very curious to see what happened in Helsinki.

One small tease we did get about season four came when a fan asked a question about Kira, and if we’ll learn more about what makes her so special next season. Fawcett said that we’ll get some answers about Kira in season four, but Manson added, “We’ve always said that kira’s specialness is the most human thing about her and maybe it can’t be explained by science.”


Also, be sure to check out the blooper reel and silly Orphan Black trailers from the panel. They are a great treat.


Favorite moment from Season 3: Felix acting like a straight guy. My wife and I were dying. Every single damn person on this show is so talented, it’s crazy!