The Original VFX Team Behind Firefly Made the Best Anniversary Video in the 'Verse

It’s like a leaf on the wind, watch how it soars.
Gif: Zoic Studios

It’s been just over 15 years since Firefly fans were introduced to Captain Mal and the crew of the Serenity, and almost as long since those same fans began desperately waiting for the show to come back from cancellation. That’s probably really unlikely at this point, but you can dream a little with this gorgeous tribute video.


Made by FX studio Zoic—whose first-ever project as a newly-founded studio back in 2002 was creating the special effects for Firefly—the reel combines clips from the show’s singular season and the feature film, Serenity, as well as a few sneaky new shots of the ship flying off out into the black. This is probably the closest we’ve ever gotten to “a new Firefly” ever actually being a thing.

It’s a nice tribute to Zoic’s work on the show all those years ago—plus, those new FX shots are mighty fine food for thought if you’re still thinking about the show’s potential return some day.

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I’m surprised the video wasn’t aired out of order...