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From Nelson Shin, director of the original Transformers: The Movie, comes Future Fighters, a Mechs-in-space extravaganza that even includes Darth Maul himself, Ray Park.


This teaser was created to gather interest and the project is now listed as "in production" with a release date of 2011. To give you a sense of where it's all headed, we've also included some artwork below.

In the 22nd Century the darkest region of space lies in the hearts of men." The fate of all humanity rests with a small clutch of brave soldiers, and their sophisticated intra-stellar fighting machines, as they must defend the free solar system from a sinister invading force, in order to fight... for their future. But when allies become enemies and enemies become allies, battle-lines and allegiances are blurred as humanity races to save itself... from its own utter destruction.


And here's some artwork, including the movie's poster:

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