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The Origin Of Lightsabers, According To George Lucas

This 15-minute Star Wars featurette won't tell you how to make an actual lightsaber, but it will explain how director George Lucas and his team created the first lightsabers for A New Hope, and Mark Hamill tells what it was like to wield them.


You may recall this video from the original Star Wars trilogy DVD boxset, but it's definitely worth a re-watch now that it's available online. My only regret is that this video wasn't titled "Everything You Wanted To Know About Lightsabers (But Were Too Afraid Of Getting Your Hand Or Arm Cut Off To Ask)."

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As much as TESB is hands down (off?) my favourite movie of the series and as much as I adore the martial prowess of the Darth Maul final fight in TPM, it's that ultimate showdown in Return of the Jedi which gets me every time. It is, for me, the perfect onscreen fight: A struggle of skill, of guile, and of emotion, with its high stakes outcome. I love the way it was staged and, of course, the emphatic score.

Ah, the days of my youth, when Star Wars seemed like perfection.