The Only Thing That Could Compete With Game of Thrones' Epic Theme Is Michael Bolton

“This is the tale of the King in the North!” Screen Junkies has released its latest Retro TV theme, turning Game of Thrones into a cheesy early ‘90s drama. That’s not exactly a new idea, as corny Game of Thrones theme songs been done a few times before. But none of those versions had Michael Freakin’ Bolton.


Seriously, this may just compete with the actual theme song for sexy phonic deliciousness. Listening to Bolton’s sweet, sultry voice croon about a “love that burns like Wildfire” is akin to drinking Cabernet in a hot spring while trying to tempt Jon Snow into breaking his vow of chastity. Which he will. Because it’s Michael Bolton.

Check out the music video below, and enjoy the journey into audible ecstasy (with an added jab thrown Brandon Stark’s way). His pipes are liquid gold, pouring over your head like a golden crown. Savor away.


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I thought House Bolton was wiped out. Looks like we missed one.