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The Only Thing More Mega than MegaForce is UltraForce!

If you haven't yet unburned from your mind the image of a blow-dried Barry Bostwick laughing heartily while flying his motorcycle against the bad guys in 80s cheesefest MegaForce, then we've got at least an hour of diversion for you. About five years ago, Matt Gourley and Jeremy Carter made a DIY web series called UltraForce, which took the MegaForce thing to its ultimate, CHiPS-in-the-future extreme. Two well-coiffed motorcycle guys are chasing down "the Alchemist," who is converting the world's water to gold! Yes, it's exactly the kind of plot you'd find in a real-life TV show (maybe even Heroes, especially if it involved time travel). The goofiness is extreme, the outfits more extreme, and the dialog is priceless. Check out all three episodes of UltraForce for free online. [UltraForce via Channel 101] Thanks, Jeff Crocker!


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Xenocidal Maniac

OMFG! Just watched episode #1... that is some of the funniest crapola I've ever seen! Unfortunately, I can't get that awesome theme song out of my head...LOL