The Only Presidential Candidate We're Pretty Sure Isn't A Cylon

Who do you want to take that three A.M. phone call saying the Cylons have attacked and it's time to rush down to the C.I.C.? Forget Clinton, Obama or McCain. (Or even Roslin/Airlock.) The only presidential candidate we can really trust is Admiral Adama from Battlestar Galactica, according to a grass-roots write-in campaign. We ran into the Adama For President crew at the preview screening for BSG: Razor last November, and have been waiting until the show's return was imminent to feature their important message. (Hence the slightly outdated mentions of Romney and Giuliani.) Vote for the only man who can unite all twelve colonies, even the Gemenons! [Adama For President]


I doubt Adama could find Osama. It's taken them four years just to find Earth.