Last night's Chuck offered up Tricia Helfer as a policewoman stripper, and a cliffhanger that was immediately ruined by the trailer for next week's episode. I'm guessing you'll only want to see one of those.

Outside of making Helfer's Battlestar Galactica vampisms look like the model of restraint, last night's episode pushed the season firmly into its endgame: Awesome is about one step away from finding out Chuck's secret (even as Helfer's Alex Forrest, a secret agent for whom not even a stereotypical stripper at a bachelor party routine will stand in the way of her mission, may have ruined his relationship with Chuck's sister), Sarah tracks down Chuck's dad (Not seen in the episode but having his identity ruined less than a minute later by the promo for next week), and even General Beckmann coming around to the idea of a Chuck and Sarah relationship. But will anyone remember that when they think back on what happened? Oh no. They'll all be wishing that they were in Awesome's shoes, and very bad boys.

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