The Only Minute Of Cloverfield Viral Video You Should Watch

The still-mysterious Cloverfield monster destroys a deep-sea oil-drilling station in a new set of promo videos. Here's the best minute, in which you actually see the chaos and the people fleeing the sinking platform. The voice-over comes from a fake newscast in Italian, shown on Italian TV. Other videos aired in Spain and Germany. We have another snippet of blurry disaster footage at sea, after the jump.

The rest of the viral footage is pretty boring, especially if you don't speak Spanish, Italian or German. The gist is that the drilling platform belongs to a shadowy Japanese corporation called Tagruato (which is by no means a real Japanese name.) There's also a new viral site from a fake environmentalist group called TIDO that opposes Tagruato's deep-sea drilling. TIDO is suspected of having destroyed the drilling station somehow, but denies responsibility. Here's more footage of the oil rig going under:

Also, J.J. Abrams' hard-working interns updated the MySpace page for Rob, the movie's main character. The new updates confirm that Rob is moving to Japan, to work for the company that makes Slusho!, the drink featured in the movie. (Any guesses what mysterious company that might be?) I have a feeling most of this backstory will only end up being referenced tangentially in the actual movie, and the little references will add an extra layer of meaning to the handful of people who followed all these clues down their various ratholes.


Update: Commenter CAPN_MARRRRK points out that you can see the video in English here. Some of the shaky cam footage turns out to be a camera phone.

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Chris Braak

I've got to say, though, I do like the idea of Cloverfield in principle. Both because I appreciate even slightly unorthodox approaches to cliched story lines, and because I like it when there's more to the a monster movie than just the fact that there's a monster in it. That is, when it looks like a film-maker invested some time and energy in making an actual piece of art, rather than a vehicle for a monster. (I just saw AVP-R over the weekend. Yeesh.)

However, I feel like if I tried to watch this movie, I would get motion sickness.